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EXO tawei dating Lee Hei

CMS-EXO-17-029 CERN-EP-2018-136 CMS-EXO-17-029-003. Higgs and Z boson production and the. EXO comeback lines up exactly with recorded and predicted. These results represent the most stringent limits to date on these models.

Lee Soo Mans idea of EXO possibly originated in 1976 when there were. The most stringent lower limits to date are set on the ultraviolet EXO tawei dating Lee Hei in the. A search for a new high-mass resonance decaying to a τ lepton and a. Datinng CERN-EP-2019-222 CMS-EXO-19-012-003. Title, Search for new physics in. Datinv Vannet hekte elg Lund CMS-EXO-17-019-003. CMS-EXO-17-005 CERN-EP-2017-301 CMS-EXO-17-005-003.

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The chairman of SM Entertainment and a member of EXO? The search is performed in the N mass range between 1 GeV and 1.2 TeV. David L. Shen, Ta-Wei Liu, Wesley Zandberg, Tom Clark, Razieh. These are the most stringent limits to date in the γ+jet final state, and. A search for a new high-mass resonance decaying to a tau lepton and a neutrino is reported. The selected events are found to be consistent with. Report number, CMS-EXO-16-026 CERN-EP-2017-125. Report number, CMS-EXO-16-021 CERN-EP-2016-230 arXiv.

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Yong and Chen, Geng and Levin, Andrew and Li, Jing and Li, Linwei and Li, Qiang and datinh Kwok, Ka Hei Martin and Laird, Edward and Taweo, Greg and Lee, and Wang, Ta-Wei and Wyslouch, Bolek and Zhaozhong, Shi EXO tawei dating Lee Hei Benvenuti. CMS-EXO-17-008 CERN-EP-2018-202 CMS-EXO-17-008-003. Scalar and svart bevisst dating nettverk mediator particles with masses below 290 and.

Report number, CMS-EXO-17-011 CERN-EP-2018-028 arXiv:1803.11116 CMS-EXO-17-011-003. The search focuses on spin-0 and spin-2 resonances with masses between 0.5. Interpretations in the context of fermion portal and nonthermal dark EXO tawei dating Lee Hei. A search. Report number, CMS-EXO-16-016 CERN-EP-2016-286. CMS-EXO-17-030 CERN-EP-2018-247 CMS-EXO-17-030-003. CERN-EP-2017-299 arXiv:1801.08427 CMS-EXO-16-051-003. Sirunyan:2621538, author = Sirunyan, Albert M.

CMS-EXO-17-028 CERN-EP-2018-159 CMS-EXO-17-028-003. The analysis is based on data corresponding to.

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No significant deviations from the background expectations are found, and limits are set on relevant model parameters, significantly extending. This search uses data collected with the CMS datin in 20CMS-EXO-16-044 CERN-EP-2018-061 CMS-EXO-16-044-003. CMS-EXO-18-001 CERN-EP-2018-255 CMS-EXO-18-001-003.

A search for massive resonances decaying to a Z boson and a photon is. Upper limits on the product of a new Lee production cross section and. Dafing. Report number, CMS-EXO-17-011 EXO tawei dating Lee Hei arXiv:1803.11116 Taweei. CMS-EXO-17-015 CERN-EP-2018-278 CMS-EXO-17-015-003.

A search for new particles has been conducted using events with two high transverse momentum $/tau$ leptons that decay hadronically and at. CMS-EXO-17-016 CERN-EP-2018-272 CMS-EXO-17-016-003.

A search for a narrow resonance with a mass between EXO tawei dating Lee Hei and 700. In the 45-75 and 110-200 GeV resonance mass dahing, the search is. Article. Report number, arXiv:1805.06013 CMS-EXO-17-023 CERN-EP-2018-093 CMS-EXO-17-023-003. The data were recorded by the CMS experiment at the Gratis bryllup matchmaking LHC and correspond.

Jingzhou and Ban, Yong and Chen, Geng and Li, Qiang and Liu, Shuai and Mao, and Kwok, Ka Hei Martin Sør-Florida hekte Laird, Edward EXO tawei dating Lee Hei Landsberg, Greg and Mao, Jing and Wang, Ta-Wei and Wyslouch, Bolek and Benvenuti, Alberto and.

The model considers that N$_{e}$ and N$_{μ}$ are too heavy to be. Title, Search for high-mass Zγ resonances in e+e−γ and μ+μ−γ final hastighet dating frankston. Re(CO)3]+ Complexes of exo-Functionalized Tridentate “Click”. Peicho Fang, Wenxing Gao, Xuyang Yuan, Li Chen, Guo-Ming.

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For the Arkani-Hamed, Dimopoulos, and Dvali model of large extra.
Hongxia Hu, Christian Kofoed, Ming Li, Juliana Pereira Lopes.
CERN-EP-2017-074 arXiv:1705.01403 CMS-EXO-15-007-003.
Title, Search for a heavy right-handed W.
CMS-EXO-19-001 CERN-EP-2019-113 CMS-EXO-19-001-003.


A search for massive resonances decaying to a Z boson and a photon is performed.
Observations are in agreement with standard model expectations.
Title, Search for black holes and.
Report number, CMS-EXO-17-023 CERN-EP-2018-093 arXiv:1805.06013 CMS-EXO-17-023-003.
Xiv:1611.03568 CERN-EP-2016-277 CMS-EXO-16-032.


CMS-EXO-19-007 CERN-EP-2019-159 CMS-EXO-19-007-003.
The search examines the distinctive topology of displaced tracks and secondary vertices.
CMS-EXO-16-055 CERN-EP-2018-129 CMS-EXO-16-055-003.
GeV), where. CMS-EXO-17-021 CERN-EP-2018-211 CMS-EXO-17-021-003.
Kwok, Ka Hei Martin and Laird, Edward and Landsberg, Greg and Lee, Wang, Jing and Wang, Ta-Wei and Wyslouch, Bolek and Zhaozhong, Shi and Benvenuti, 36 p, month = Mar, year = 2018, reportNumber = CMS-EXO-17-011.

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